projects 作品简介

The Last Song (4K Uncut)

The Last Song is Vagabond Media’s debut project and founder Andie Chen’s maiden voyage into film production. Part of the “STOREYS” campaign, the film paints a story of patriotism and unity amid war set in the year 2026 in Singapore.

ChiongAh! [Andie Episode]

An online series that pits Jade Seah and Andie Chen against each other in challenges while they explore different locations/activities. Both celebrities share, via their respective videos, separate perspectives of the competition unfolding. Created to help promote your brand, product or location.

Conversations with Andie

Andie engages in heart-to-heart conversations with friends, mentors and various inspiring individuals in this popular, in-depth podcast series. Previously known as “The Andie Chen Talkshow”.